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There are many ways to customize Wing IDE in order to adapt it to your needs or preferences. This chapter describes the options that are available to you.

These are some of the areas of customization that are available:
  • The editor can run with different personalities such as VI/Vim, Emacs, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Brief emulation
  • The action of the tab key can be configured
  • The auto-completer's completion key(s) can be altered
  • The layout, look, color, and content of the IDE windows can be configured
  • Editor syntax colors can be configured
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be added, removed, or altered for any Wing command
  • File filters can be defined to control some of the IDE features
  • Code snippets can be defined and bound to keys
  • Perspectives can be used to save and restore user interface state
  • Scripts can be written in Python to extend the IDE's functionality
  • Many other options are available through preferences

Section Contents

2.0. Keyboard Personalities
   2.0.0. Key Equivalents
   2.0.1. Key Maps
   2.0.2. Key Names
2.1. User Interface Options
   2.1.0. Display Style and Colors
   2.1.1. Windowing Policies
   2.1.2. User Interface Layout
   2.1.3. Altering Text Display
2.2. Preferences
   2.2.0. Preferences File Layers
   2.2.1. Preferences File Format
2.3. Syntax Coloring
2.4. Perspectives
2.5. File Filters