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Unit Testing with Wing IDE

"Wing IDE has allowed us to improve the quality and reliability of the Python components in our application." -- Xavier Spriet, Netmon Inc

Wing IDE includes an integrated unit testing tool for the unittest, doctest, pytest, nose, and Django unit testing frameworks.

Collect and Run Unit Tests
Unit test files are identified in the project's configuration with a series of wild card patterns matching files in the project, or by flagging individual files as test files. The Testing tool lists these test files and provides a convenient way to execute all tests, all tests in a file, tests selected in the Testing tool or editor, or all previously failed tests. Test results are displayed clearly using pass and fail icons. When tests fail, clicking on the test displays the point of failure, its output, and the exception that occurred. Test result summaries can be copied and pasted from the Testing tool for sharing with team members.
Debug Unit Tests
Wing can run unit tests in the debugger, so that execution stops immediately on individual test failures and all of the debugger's tools can be used in isolating, diagnosing, and fixing the failure. Running unit tests in the debugger is also a great way to write new code because it shortens the edit/debug cycle and supports using the Debug Probe and editor to write code within the live runtime state of your application.