Remote Development with Wing Pro

"Wing is far and away the best IDE I've ever used." -- Kevin Kesseler, PhD

Wing's quick-to-configure remote development support lets you use all of Wing's features seamlessly and securely with Python code running on a remote host, virtual machine, container, or cluster. Remote development works with remote hosts running macOS, Intel Linux, or ARM Linux, and includes support for Vagrant and WSL containers, Docker and LXC/LXD containers, and Docker Compose clusters.

Easy Access To Remote Hosts

Remote Host configuration is quick and easy for any host reachable by SSH. Wing takes care of installing its remote agent so you can edit, test, debug, search, inspect, and manage files on the remote host or container. Wing's integrated Python Shell and OS Commands tool can be used to run Python and other commands on the remote host.

Flexible Project Management

Project files may contain references to files stored on multiple systems and Wing can be used either with remote hosts that store the primary copy of your source base, or with containers and clusters where execution is in the remote environment but resources are stored on the local host.

Remote Debugging

Remote debug is easy to start from the IDE, or you can configure a process started on a remote host to connect back to the IDE for debugging. Wing can stop at breakpoints and exceptions, step through code, inspect data, and interact with the remote debug process, just as for locally launched code. Port forwarding needed by your application may be configured in your remote host configuration. Optional X11 forwarding supports debugging code that displays windows, by forwarding those windows to the host where Wing is running.