Beta Release of Wing IDE for Python

Brookline, MA -- September 7th, 2000

Archaeopteryx Software announced today that it has released the first beta version of its Wing IDE for Linux product, an integrated development environment for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE provides software developers with an integrated project manager, graphical debugger, source code browser, and an advanced source code editor.

"Wing IDE is designed to help developers leverage Python's unique mixture of simplicity, power, and scalability. We're building this commercial product on an excellent open-source substrate, adding key features like the graphical debugger and source code browser to really help programmers maximize their productivity and code quality," said Archaeopteryx Software's CEO, Stephan Deibel.

Key features of the initial product release include:

  • Software project manager for rapid access to source and other files
  • Full graphical debugger
  • Ability to debug remote processes, such as web CGIs
  • Powerful source code editor, including syntax highlighting, auto-completion, auto-indentation, source structure menu, multi-part key bindings, keyboard/command macros, and an emacs mode
  • Module- and class-oriented code browsing and structure analysis
  • Many customization options for GUI behaviors, menu and toolbars, and editor key bindings
  • Escapable architecture: The IDE works with Makefiles and other external build configuration tools, and contains no proprietary hooks that prevent collaboration with developers not using the product

Although initial release is for the Linux platform only, ports to Windows 95/98/NT/2000 are planned.

A single user license for Wing IDE costs $99 US, or $45 US for educators and students. CD media cost an additional $30. Each license includes free website and email support and upgrades through the 1.x version series. Multi-user floating licenses, volume discounts, and paid support are also available.

Although the IDE itself is not open source, the source code is available to licensed users, who may customize and improve the IDE, and distribute patches under their own licensing.

"We're in the business of providing custom add-ons to an open source substrate," said Stephan Deibel. "Using existing open source modules in the IDE helped us to develop a much better product than we could have entirely on our own. We've open sourced some additional modules written by us, and will continue to contribute patches and improvements to the open source community."

Archaeopteryx Software plans to follow release of Wing IDE with a Professional and Enterprise version, aimed at helping businesses leverage quality open-source solutions.

The Wing IDE product and additional information are available on the web at