Wing IDE for Windows

Brookline, MA -- March 2, 2001

Archaeopteryx Software announced today that it has pre-released the first version of Wing IDE for Windows, an integrated development environment for the Python programming language. This release runs on Windows 95/98, NT4, and Windows 2000, and provides software developers with an integrated project manager, graphical debugger, source code browser, and an advanced source code editor.

Wing IDE for Windows joins the previously released Wing IDE for Linux in Archaeopteryx Software's product line.

"We're very pleased to offer Wing IDE to the Windows development community. Wing is a great way to take advantage of Python's unique mixture of simplicity, power, and scalability. Built on an excellent open-source substrate, Wing's convenient integrated toolset really helps programmers to work faster and better. We've seen this benefit ourselves, because we use Wing every day in our own development," said Archaeopteryx Software's CEO, Stephan Deibel.

Key features of this product release include:

  • Full graphical debugger, including an interactive shell to examine and modify data in the program being debugged
  • Ability to debug remote processes, including web CGIs and Zope products.
  • Support for debugging programs written using the Tkinter, PyGtk, and PyQt toolkits
  • Module- and class-oriented code browsing and source structure analysis, including inferencing of probable data types for Python source constructs.
  • Powerful source code editor, including emacs mode, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, auto-indentation, indentation guides, source structure menu, multi-part key bindings, and keyboard/command macros.
  • Software project manager for rapid access to source and other files
  • Many customization options for GUI behaviors, menu and toolbars, and editor key bindings

A single user license for Wing IDE costs $99 US, or $45 US for educators and students. CD media cost an additional $30. Each license includes free website and email support and upgrades through the 1.x version series. Volume discounts, and paid support are also available.

Wing IDE and additional information are available on the web at