Wing IDE 1.1.9 for Python Supports Python 2.3, Improves Debugger and Editor

Brookline, MA -- March 24th, 2003

Archaeopteryx Software announced today release of Wing IDE version 1.1.9, a maintenance release for its popular development environment for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE and Python excel in rapid development of complex software systems, typically yielding 2-10 times the development speed seen with languages such as C, C++, Java, VB, and Perl.

Wing IDE and Python have been particularly successful in enterprise integration, software testing, software prototyping, and for application scripting and extension. They are also widely used for developing websites, portable desktop applications, scientific and research applications, commercial games, and a wide variety of engineering and modeling tools.

In October 2002, Linux Enterprise called Wing IDE "stable and fast ... a powerful IDE."

Wing IDE 1.1.9 introduces support for debugging Python 2.3 code and adds a number of enhancements to the debugger, editor, and source code analyzer.

About Wing IDE

Wing IDE is a software development environment for Python that focuses on boosting programmer productivity and software maintainability.

Key features of Wing IDE include:

  • Module and class-oriented code browsing and source structure analysis
  • Goto-definition, auto-completion, and source index menu on source code
  • Powerful source code editor with syntax highlighting, structural folding, auto-indentation, and many other features
  • Graphical debugger, including an interactive shell to examine and modify data in the program being debugged
  • Web development with Zope, Plone, CGI, Apache mod_python and other tools
  • Extensive support libraries for XML, Web services, and access to a range of Internet protocols
  • Portable GUI development with PyQt, wxPython, Tkinter, and PyGtk
  • Game development with pygame
  • Ability to debug remote processes and embedded application scripts
  • Software project manager
  • Interactive Python command line prompt
  • Many customization options
  • Access to product source code

Wing IDE runs on Windows 98 through XP and Intel Linux (2.x kernel, libc6). Mac OS X support is available in beta form. Solaris and FreeBSD are supported for customers willing to compile the product from source code (requires a non-disclosure agreement).

Wing IDE is available in both a full-featured Standard edition and a Lite edition. Wing IDE Lite omits some of the features listed above and is for non-commercial use only.

A single-user license for Wing IDE costs $149-$179 US (Standard edition) and $35 US (Lite edition). The software is obtained by download but optional CD media is available for an additional $20. Each license includes free website and email support, and free minor release upgrades. Volume discounts and paid support packages are also available.

A free trial, additional information, and online store are available at

About Python

Python is a powerful object oriented programming language that is developed and maintained by a global community of Open Source contributors, under the oversight of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). Python's unique blend of simplicity and power excels in a wide range of business and research development tasks, including the construction of web applications, complex business solutions, and large desktop applications.

Python's global user base is estimated in the hundreds of thousands and is growing rapidly. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, OS/2, WinCE, and many other operating systems. Full source code is available for the language and associated standard libraries.

Key features of Python include:

  • Object orientation, modular name spaces, exceptions, and multi-threading
  • High-level dynamic data typing and very late binding
  • Tight integration with C, C++, and Java modules
  • May be compiled to Java byte code for use in any JVM
  • String and regular expression processing
  • Extensive XML and web services support
  • HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, NNTP, telnet, and other IP protocols
  • HTML, MIME, base64, binhex, uuencode, and other Internet data handling
  • GUI development and multimedia services
  • Unit testing, profiling, and documentation generation
  • Available third party modules for database access, math, 3D modeling, image processing, LDAP, WebDAV, jabber, MIDI, and much more

More information and downloads are available at A collection of Python success stories is at

Press Contact:

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