Wing IDE 1.1.3 for Python - Write Software Faster

Brookline, MA -- March 12th, 2002

Archaeopteryx Software announced today the release of Wing IDE for Python, version 1.1.3. Wing IDE is a powerful software development environment that focuses on boosting programmer productivity and enhancing software maintainability. Wing IDE and Python excel in rapid development of complex web sites and desktop applications, typically yielding 2-10X the development speed seen with languages such as C, C++, Java, VB, and Perl.

"While we're always looking ahead to the next major release of Wing IDE, we take very seriously our commitment to users of the current release, and try very hard to ensure that important enhancements make it to our users as quickly as possible. Wing IDE 1.1.3 shows this commitment," said Stephan Deibel, co-founder of Archaeopteryx Software, Inc.

Key features of Wing IDE include:

  • Module and class-oriented code browsing and source structure analysis
  • Powerful source code editor, including syntax highlighting, auto-completion, source index menu, goto-definition, structural folding, auto-indentation, indentation guides and conversion facilities, multi-part key bindings, and keyboard/command macros
  • Graphical debugger, including an interactive shell to examine and modify data in the program being debugged
  • Ability to debug remote processes, including web CGIs and Zope web application server products
  • Extensive support libraries for internet protocols and data handling
  • GUI development using Tkinter, PyGtk, wxWindows, and pyqt
  • Software project manager
  • Interactive command shell
  • Many customization options
  • Access to product source code

Wing IDE runs on Windows 98/NT/2K/XP and Intel Linux (2.x kernel, libc6), and is available in the full-featured Standard Edition and as Wing IDE Lite, which omits some of the features listed above and is for non-commercial use only.

A single-user license for Wing IDE costs $149-$179 US (Standard Edition) and $35 US (Lite). The software is obtained by download but optional CD media is available for an additional $10. Each license includes free website and email support, and upgrades through the 1.x version series. Volume discounts, and paid support packages are also available.

A free trial, additional information, and online store are available at