Wing Python IDE Version 7 Early Access - December 11, 2018

Wing Pro Screenshot

Version 7 of Wingware's family of cross-platform Python IDEs is now available as a beta release through the early access program. New features include:

Improved Code Analysis and Navigation

  • New code warnings tool with inline indication of warnings from Wing's internal checker, pylint, pep8, and mypy (Wing Pro)
  • Includes typeshed for better analysis of the standard library and some third party libraries
  • Uses callouts to better highlight code visited by search, find uses, goto-definition, and other code navigation features
  • Improves bookmarks with categories, filters, and more (Wing Pro)

Even Better Debugger

  • Array display for numpy ndarray, Pandas DataFrames, xarray.DataArray, sqlite3 query results & other value types (Wing Pro)
  • Shift-Space displays the value of all visible variables (Wing Pro)
  • Supports PEP 3134 chained exceptions
  • Steps over importlib internals by default

Other New Features

  • Adds MATLAB keyboard personality
  • Extensively revised and expanded documentation
  • Three new color palettes
  • Re-adds support for some older versions of Linux, such as CentOS 6
  • Simplified remote agent installation (Wing Pro)

See the early access program and change log for details.


Wing is available in three product levels:

Wing Pro The full-featured Python IDE for professional programmers.

Wing Personal A free Python IDE for students and hobbyists.

Wing 101 A very simplified free Python IDE for beginners.

You can try Wing 7 without removing older versions. Wing 7 will read and convert your old preferences, settings, and projects. Projects should be saved to a new name since previous versions of Wing cannot read Wing 7 projects.

Upgrading Wing Pro

This is a free update for any Wing Pro annual license and perpetual licenses covered by Support+Upgrades. Other licenses may be upgraded and new Wing 7 licenses can now be purchased.