Wing IDE 2.1.0-beta2 Released: April 17, 2006

We're pleased to announce the second beta release of Wing IDE 2.1 for Windows, Linux, and OS X. This release can be downloaded from Highlights of the release include:

  • Support for Intel Macs
  • Support for Python 2.5 alpha1 and 64 bit Linux debugging
  • Fixed crashing on SuSE distributions and in other cases
  • Many improvements to VI mode (see change log)
  • Search in selection and other search improvements
  • Add New File feature for projects
  • Improved black background display theme
  • Preference for policy used to determine default directory for file selection operations
  • Several other minor features
  • Over 50 bug fixes for problems found in 2.1beta1

Release notes:

  • The OS X version is now distributed as disk images -- just drag and drop from the image contents to install
  • The tab key has been remapped to increase indent rather than auto-indent as before. To return to the old behavior, use the Custom Key Bindings preference to map the tab key to 'indent-to-match'.
  • The black background display theme Aero has been removed and replaced with Black-Background, requiring reselecting from the Display Theme preference.

A complete list of changes is available.

This is a beta release and is known to contain some bugs. Please report any problems or make suggestions for improvements to us at

Version 2.1 is a free upgrade for Wing version 2.0 users; any license for the 2.x series will work with both. Version 2.1 can coexist with 2.0, although they share the same configuration files. It is possible to switch back and forth between them on the same system.

System requirements are Windows 2000 or later, OS X 10.3 or later for PPC or Intel, or a recent Linux system (either 32 or 64 bit).