Wing IDE 2.1.0-beta1 Released: February 17, 2006

We're pleased to announce the first beta release of Wing IDE 2.1 for Windows, Linux, and OS X. This release can be downloaded from Highlights of the release include:

  • VI, Visual Studio, and Brief key bindings
  • Subversion and Perforce integration (Wing Pro only)
  • Named bookmark manager (Wing Pro only)
  • Scripting API for extending the IDE (Wing IDE Pro only)
  • Breakpoints manager tool (Wing Pro only)
  • Auto-completion for extension modules
  • Improved auto-completion for wxPython and PyGTK
  • Redesigned search UI and other UI improvements
  • Dual monitor support on Windows
  • Maximize editor surface
  • PDF formatted documentation
  • Keyboard driven char, line, and block select
  • Long debug string display
  • Update manager to install product updates
  • Many minor features and bug fixes

A complete list of changes is available.

This is a beta release so it may contain some quirks. Please report any problems or make suggestions for improvements to us at

Version 2.1 is a free upgrade for Wing version 2.0 users; any license for the 2.x series will work with both. Version 2.1 can coexist with 2.0, although they share the same configuration files. It should be possible to switch back and forth between them on the same system.

System requirements are Windows 2000 or later, OS X for PPC 10.2 or later, or a recent Linux system. We plan to support OS X for Intel in the future.