Wing IDE 2.0b4 Released: June 21, 2004

We're pleased to announce the release of Wing IDE 2.0b4, the latest beta release of Wing IDE 2. This version is available on Windows and Linux; OS X support will be added shortly.

With this release, the Wing IDE product line has been renamed for clarity: Wing IDE Standard is now called Wing IDE Professional, and Wing IDE Lite is now Wing IDE Personal. Users of Wing IDE 1.1 can now upgrade to 2.0 and our new online store now supports purchasing Wing IDE 2.0.

This release re-adds the source browser and adds an improved patch system to avoid problems during upgrades of patched installations. Many bug fixes are included for improved support for non-ascii characters, better compatibility with Linux distributions, and fixes for a number of crashes and hangs.

This release is generally stable and recommended to those willing to work with beta quality software. Some features, such as printing on Linux, are not yet available.