Wing IDE 1.1 for Windows and Linux: January 2, 2002

We are pleased to announce final release of Wing IDE version 1.1 for Windows and Linux.

This version makes substantial improvements over version 1.0, including the addition of major features such as:

  • Code folding
  • Multi-view editing
  • Interactive debug probe
  • Debug attach
  • Zooming and tracking of debug variable values
  • User-extensible debugger support for non-Python mainloop environments
  • Project file compaction
  • Bundled installers easing use of Wing IDE with the Zope application server
  • Online help
  • Configurable font/size for GUI
  • Recent menus
  • Wheel mouse support (Windows only)
  • Improved keyboard navigation of the GUI
  • Support for the latest versions of Python

Many, many bug fixes and minor improvements have also been made. A detailed list of all changes can be found in the change log that accompanies the release.

See also our January 2, 2002 press release.