Wing IDE Pro v. 4.1.12-1 Installers

Wing IDE Professional is the full-featured Python IDE for professional programmers. The OS X version requires an X11 Server.

Change Log

Change Log  4.1.12-1   


Wing IDE Pro / Windows  4.1.12-1   SHA1:11107a94259fd88a182905c085de45c6c46be85d

Linux - Debian/Ubuntu Package

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.12-1   SHA1:e3ffa3f194085b6354924324a700a4e5d39affe1

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.12-1   SHA1:1d1fb2863d4149f6a9c4f0f3bb214682389436f0

Linux - RPM Package

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.12-1   SHA1:7e26ed6b1ab9505e5066c8130adb8b779ef234b0

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.12-1   SHA1:3e08d67fd2547a78f415cbc4f42a91f93a5b5045

Linux - Universal Tar Package

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.12-1   SHA1:39585e8aa96b7ccc0f9841f3b363bf5df3b0e83f

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.12-1   SHA1:c3354867f59b60e0ffc441712e393b85fd0d6f70

Zip Installer Archive

Wing IDE Pro / Windows  4.1.12-1   SHA1:71330f96f912e45e3b1582e6b0aa4813f3306151

OS X - Disk Image

Wing IDE Pro / OS X 10.3+ (Intel) with X11 Server  4.1.12-1   SHA1:31d3f472e1fadd1cf4d43d2b976e1b58c07d8229


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