Wing IDE Pro v. 4.1.10-1 Patches

The easiest way to apply patches is with Check for Updates in Wing IDE's Help menu. To apply a patch manually, unpack it into the Installation Directory listed in Wing's About box. After restarting Wing, the About box will also show the installed patches by number.
Improve auto-fixups  4.1.10-1p1     Dont auto-fixup x[:] - x[]:, also fixup x(c) for other characters, and improve fixups compatibility with other auto-editing operations.

Highlight main debug file  4.1.10-1p2     Correctly highlight the main debug file in the Project tool

Create user prefs file  4.1.10-1p3     Fix failure to write the user preferences file in new installations

Fix auto-invoke args  4.1.10-1p4     Correct omission of first argument in determining arguments to place in auto-invocation or highlighting in Source Assistant

Fix perspective manager  4.1.10-1p5     Fix selecting auto-save option in Perspectives Manager and correct key binding header title.


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