Setting Up Version Control in Wing

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If you do not already have files checked out of a version control system (VCS), or have not already set up your version control repository, you will want to do that first outside of Wing according to the instructions for the VCS that you are using. Wing's version control integration is not designed to create or initially check out files from a VCS.

Once you have your files added to version control, you can set up in Wing simply by adding those files (or more likely, the directory containing them) to your Wing project, using the items in the Project menu.

At this point, Wing should show an extra menu in the menu bar and an item in the Tools menu for the VCS you are using. Wing also adds version control operations to the editor and Project tool context menus.

If this does not happen, you may need to point Wing to the executable for your VCS using the Executable preference in the appropriate Version Control area. This should be set to the full path to the command line executable and not the executable for GUIs like TortoiseHg. Wing runs the command lines in the background and parses their output when you issue VCS commands from the IDE.

The operations covered by Wing's integration include adding, moving, renaming, and removing files in version control (this is integrated also with the add/move/rename/remove file management operations on the Project tool), status, log, commit, update, revert, diff, push/pull (for distributed VCSes), and some other operations specific to each supported VCS.

When a VCS is active, Wing also adds Compare to Repository to context menus, which kicks off graphical diff/merge between the working version and the repository version it is based on.