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Wing's Perforce integration requires the p4 command line executable to be installed separately from Wing. Please see for information about Perforce. The p4 executable may either be in your path or set with the Version Control > Perforce > Perforce Executable preference.

Wing's Perforce integration is disabled by default and must be enabled with the Version Control > Perforce > Active preference.

Wing finds the Perforce working directory by executing p4 client -o in the environment defined in Project Properties, when a project is opened or the environment is changed. The client specification must be defined outside of Wing.

Perforce defines the following command, in addition to those documented in Common Version Control Operations:

Sync updates the client work space with changes from the depot.

Edit prepare files for editing and makes any editor the file is opened in writable. Note that Revert on an unmodified file that's opened for editing will release the file from edit status.

Sync Project updates all client work space directories project with changes from the depot.

Configuration Details

If the Project Home Directory project property is set to a value outside of the Perforce tree, it may be necessary to add -d pathname with the appropriate pathname for your configuration to the preference Version Control > Perforce > Extra Global Arguments.

If you usually use the Perforce GUI, you may need to start up the GUI before the environment used by the p4 executable is set up properly.