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Wing's Git integration requires the git command line executable to be installed separately from Wing. Please see for information about Git. The git executable may either be in your path or set with the Version Control > Git > Git Executable preference.

The Git integration defines the following commands, in addition to those documented in Common Version Control Operations:

Discard Changes discards all local changes and reverts local files back to the current branch head revision.

Blame/Praise shows the revision, author, and date for every line in a file.

List Branches lists all branches in the local repository.

Create Branch creates a new named branch and switches to it.

Switch Branch switches to a different existing named branch with git checkout <branch>.

Fetch Repository Changes fetches changes from a remote repository with git fetch <remote>.

Pull Branch Changes pulls changes on a branch from a remote repository to the local repository with git pull <remote> <branch>.

Push Branch Changes pushes changes on a branch from the local repository to a remote repository using git push <remote> <branch>.

Push to Stash temporarily saves all local changes and reverts back to the current branch head revision.

Pop from Stash restores the most recently stashed changes to the local copy of files.

List Stash lists all the change sets that have been stashed. hi