Coverage Data Files

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Wing stores coverage data files and associated temporary files in a directory named wingcoverage inside the Cache Directory shown in Wing's About box. This directory may grow to be fairly large, depending on the size of your source base and unit test suite.

The directory is cleared only after selecting Clear Coverage Data from the Testing menu, or after closing your project if the Clear Data on Project Close option is enabled under the Testing tab in Project Properties.

When using a remote host, data files are instead stored on the remote host inside ~/.cache/.wingpro10/wingcoverage.

When using containers, the location of coverage data files is moved into a directory called .wingcoverage at the top level of the container's first mapped directory. This allows the data to persist between sessions, rather than being removed entirely each time the container is terminated. Other temporary files used by the code coverage feature on containers are still placed into ~/.cache/wingpro10/wingcoverage. These cease to exist each time the container is terminated.