Debugging Extension Scripts

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Wing can debug extension scripts that you develop for the IDE. This is done by setting up a new project from Wing's Project menu. Select the default project type and for Python Executable select Command Line and then enter the full path to the Python executable that Wing uses to run itself. This located below the Install Directory listed in Wing's About box, as follows:

macOS: Contents/Resources/bin/__os__/osx/runtime-python2.7/bin/python

Linux: bin/__os__/linux-x64/runtime-python2.7/bin/python

Windows: bin\__os__\win32\runtime-python2.7\bin\python.exe

Be sure to use the full path to the executable and not the above partial paths.

Press OK in the New Project dialog to create the project, then select Add Existing Directory from the Project menu and add the Install Directory.

Next navigate to bootstrap/ in the Project tool, right click on it, and select Set As Main Entry Point.

Then set up Wing to run Python in optimized mode, so it can load the precompiled code in your Wing installation, by setting Python Options under the Debug/Execute tab of Project Properties to Custom with a value of -u -O.

Finally, on macOS only, you will need to open Project Properties from the Project menu, select Add To inherited environment under Environment, and paste in the following:


If you didn't install Wing in the /Applications folder then you will need to edit the first line to specify the correct Install Dir. You may also need to adjust the value of QTVERSION for your Wing installation.

Then save your project to disk.

You should now be able to select Start/Continue from the Debug menu to start up a copy of Wing in the debugger. Any breakpoints set in scripts that you have added in the scripts directory will be reached as you work with the debugged copy of Wing. You will see and can navigate the entire stack, but Wing will not be able to show files for most of Wing's code. If you need to see the source code of Wing itself, you will have to obtain the source code as described in Advanced Scripting.