Delete Symbol

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The Delete Symbol operation deletes a variable, attribute, argument, function, method or class after checking if it is used anywhere in your project. To start a delete operation, click on the symbol to be deleted where it is defined, typically to the left of = in an assignment statement or in a class or def statement.

After the symbol is chosen, select Delete symbol-type (symbol-type can be Variable, Attribute, Class, Function, etc) from the Refactor menu or from the Refactor sub-menu of the editor's right-click context menu. Wing will search for all of the locations where the symbol is used and list them in the Refactoring tool. After the search completes, the Delete Unused Symbol button can be used if the only use is on the line that defines the symbol or the Ignore Points of Use and Delete Symbol button can be used to delete even though other uses where found.

After it completes, the delete symbol operation can be undone with the Revert button in the Refactoring tool.