File Operations

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The Project tool's right-click context menu can be used to execute, debug, and search files, interact with the active revision control system, and define named sets of files to edit and search. The set of operations that will be shown in the context menu are configurable from the menu, with Configure Menu.


You can execute Makefiles, Python source code, and any executable files by right-clicking on the Project tool and selecting Execute Selected. This executes outside of the debugger with any input/output occurring in the OS Commands tool, where the runtime environment for the execution can be configured.


Python files listed in the Project tool can be debugged by right-clicking and selecting Debug Selected. A particular file can be marked as the main entry point by selecting Set as Main Entry Point. Once this is done, the file will be debugged when starting debug from the Debug menu or toolbar. For more information on debugging, see Debugger.


The contents of files and directories may be searched from the Project tool by right-clicking on them and selecting Search in Selected. This displays the Search in Files tool and sets the Look in search scope to the selected item. Focus is placed on the Search field so the search string can be entered.

Version Control

In Wing Pro, the Project tool will show version control status superimposed on the file and directory icons, and version control operations are available in the right-click context menu. See Integrated Version Control for details.

File Sets

Arbitrary sets of files can be selected on the Project tool by clicking, shift-clicking, and ctrl-clicking (or command-clicking on macOS). When this is done, the set of files can be named for later reference by right-clicking on one of the selected items and choosing Name Selected File Set. The file set will then appear in the File > File Sets menu. See File Sets for details.