Containers Tool

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The Containers tool, accessed from the Tools menu can be used to view and manage the status of container instances and clusters. The popup selector at the top of this tool provides access to container and/or cluster configurations, as defined for the currently open project.

Individual Containers

When individual container configurations exist, as created with Containers in the Project menu, the Containers tool displays a list of these configurations and their status.

Note that when working with individual containers, Wing manages a single container instance for each container configuration and starts and restarts the instance as needed for debugging, running tests, the Python Shell, and OS commands.

Right-click on the list to force a container instance to restart, to rebuild the container image, or to edit the container's configuration.


When cluster configurations exist, Wing adds one item to the selector at the top of the Containers tool for each cluster. The cluster view provides buttons for rebuilding the cluster, starting the cluster as a whole, either with or without debug, or stopping the cluster if it is running.

The services in the cluster are shown in the cluster view, along with the image being used by the service and its status. Use the checkboxes in the services list to select which ones should be debugged when the whole cluster is started with debug enabled.

When a cluster view is shown in the Containers tool, the Options menu includes the option Show Synthesized Containers. When enabled, the services list will include out-of-cluster container instances that Wing has synthesized to run processes for the Python Shell, or any debug, testing, or OS command configured to run out-of-cluster. These synthesized containers are hidden by default.


To show a console of container and cluster activity, select Show Console from the container tool's Options menu. The console may be resized and will update to display the activity for the container or cluster selected in the Containers tool.