Package Manager Options

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The lower part of the Options menu in the Packages tool provides the following options for package management:

Auto-Detect Package Manager, Use pip, Use Poetry, Use pipenv, and Use conda may be used to control which package manager Wing uses with your project. When using conda, Wing must be able to find the Anaconda base installation as described in Package Management with conda.

Set Configuration Directory displays Wing's Project Properties and highlights the Project Home Directory property under the Options tab. This can be used to control where Wing expects to find the requirements.txt or Pyfile.

Auto-Update requirements.txt controls whether Wing will edit requirements.txt to reflect package installation, update, or removal when using pip or conda.

Uninstall Removes Unused Dependencies controls whether Wing will automatically remove all unused dependencies after packages are removed.

Confirm Operations controls whether Wing shows a confirmation dialog before installing, updating, or removing packages.

Show Console displays a console that contains a log of all the package management operations that Wing has invoked, using pip, poetry, or pipenv, and their output.

Show Package Management Document displays this documentation.