Trouble-shooting Failure to Start

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If you are having trouble getting Wing to start at all, you can diagnose the problem as follows:

Rule out problems caused by a corrupted project file or preferences by renaming your Settings Directory. If this works, you can copy over items from the renamed directory one at a time to isolate the problem. The most likely files to cause problems are default.wpr, preferences, and recent-projects. Note, however, that Wing may automatically copy over files from the settings directory for an older version of Wing. You may have to move those aside also, to prevent reintroducing problem files.

Check whether anti-virus or security software is blocking Wing from starting. Some anti-virus solutions like Constant Guard have been known to do this, without showing any warnings or messages. On macOS, check the Security & Privacy system control panel for messages.

On Windows, check if the user's temporary directory is full, which prevents Wing from starting. In this case, the directory will contain more than 65,000 files.

On Linux or macOS, check if the cache directory is on a remote file server, which can prevent Wing from starting. This happens if the ~/.cache directory or the cache directory set by the $XDG_CACHE_DIR is located on NFS or other remote file server. In that case, Wing can't obtain a lock on the source analysis database. To use slower dotfile locking, run Wing with the --use-sqlite-dotfile-locking command line argument. Note that all Wing processes that use the same cache directory need to either use or not use dotfile locking.

In other cases, refer to Obtaining Diagnostic Output.