Trouble-shooting Other Known Problems

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Other known problems that can affect some of Wing's functionality include:

Copy/Paste Fails on Windows

Webroot Secure Anywhere v8.0.4.66 blocks Wing and Python's access to the clipboard by default so Copy/Paste will not work. The solution is to remove Wing and Python from the list of applications that Webroot is denying access to the clipboard.

Windows Won't Open File Names with Spaces

File Explorer on some versions of Windows fails to open Python files with Wing if the full path of the file has spaces in it. This is because Windows has set up the wrong command line for opening the file. You can fix this using regedt32.exe, regedit.exe, or similar tool to edit the following registry location:


The problem is that the association stored there is missing quotes around the %1 argument. It should instead be in a form similar to the following, although the actual path will vary according to your installation location for Wing:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing Pro 10\bin\wing.exe" "%1" %*

Failure to Detect HTTP Proxy and Connect to

Wing tries to open an http connection to when you activate a license, check for product updates, or submit a bug report or feedback from the Help menu. If you are running in an environment with an http proxy, Wing tries to auto-detect your proxy settings. If this fails you will need to configure your proxy manually using Wing's Network > HTTP Proxy Server preference. To determine the correct settings to use, ask your network administrator or see how to determine proxy settings.

Poor Mouse Wheel Scrolling on Linux

If the mouse wheel does not work right on Linux, the utility imwheel may solve it, as described here

Failure to Find Python

Wing scans for Python at startup and in rare cases may report that it could not be found even if it is on your machine.

If this happens all the time, point Python Executable in Project Properties (accessed from the Project menu) to your Python interpreter (python, python2.7, python.exe, etc) or the command that activates your virtualenv or Anaconda environment. Wing remembers this and the message should go away, even with new projects. Wing 101 does not have projects and Python environment is instead configured with Configure Python in the Edit menu.

If this happens only intermittently, it may be caused by high load on your machine. Try restarting Wing after load goes down. In some cases anti-virus software can cause this during periods of intensive scanning.