Remote Display on Linux

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Wing for Linux can be displayed remotely by enabling X11 forwarding in ssh as described here.

In summary: You need to send the -X option to ssh when you connect from the machine where you want windows to display to the machine where Wing will be running, and you need to add X11Forwarding yes to your ssh configuration (usually in ~/.ssh/config) on the machine where Wing will be running.

XKEYBOARD extension needed

The graphics toolkit that Wing uses, Qt 5, requires the XKEYBOARD extension for the keyboard to work properly. This is an extension to the X11 protocol but has been available for 20+ years. However, there are X11 servers that do not support it including a few used for vnc.

If the keyboard isn't working correctly with Wing, check to see if the X11 server supports XKEYBOARD; sometimes it can be enabled in the server configuration. If it can't be enabled, consider switching to a server that does support the XKEYBOARD extension or try executing export XKB_DEFAULT_RULES=base before starting wing. Setting other environment variables is possible according to a bug report at

Speeding up the Connection

To improve performance, in most cases you should avoid using the -C option for ssh, even though it is often mentioned in instructions for setting up X11 forwarding. The compression that is enabled with -C is only useful over extremely slow connections and otherwise increases latency and reduces responsiveness of the GUI.

Another option to try is -Y (trusted X11 port forwarding) instead of -X (untrusted X11 port forwarding) as this may reduce overhead as well. However, this disables security options so it's a good idea to understand what it does before using it.

If you are displaying to Windows, the choice of X11 server software running on Windows can make a huge difference in performance. If the GUI seems very slow, try a different X11 server.

Other Options

Other options for displaying Wing remotely from Linux include:

  • XRDP -- implements the protocol for Windows Remote Desktop.
  • NoMachine -- Another free remote desktop toolkit.
  • In Wing Pro, another option is not to display Wing remotely but instead to use the remote development feature to access the remote host from Wing running on another machine.