PEP 8 Reformatting

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Wing can automatically reformat code to be compliant with the PEP 8 Style Guide for Python Code.

Manual PEP 8 Reformatting

The Source > PEP 8 menu group contains items for reformatting the current selection or current file to be PEP 8 compliant. A single Undo will undo the reformatting operation.

Note that reformatting large files may take several minutes, and Wing will lock the file so it cannot be edited during that time. The amount of time spent in reformatting a file is limited to the number of seconds specified with the Editor > PEP 8 > Reformatting Timeout preference. The default is set purposely low to avoid leaving an editor locked for a long period of time.

Reformatting of selections is not time-limited, so very large selections may lock up the IDE until the reformatting operation completes.

Automatic PEP 8 Reformatting

PEP 8 formatting may be applied automatically character by character, as you type, through Wing Pro's auto-editing facility, by enabling the Editor > Auto-Editing > Auto-Enter Spaces and Editor > Auto-Editing > Enforce PEP 8 Style Spacing preferences.

Alternatively, this may be done by auto-formatting edited lines after the caret leaves the line, or by reformatting whole files as they are saved to disk. This is enabled with the Editor > PEP 8 > Auto-Reformat for PEP 8 preference. The choices are:

  • Disabled turns off automatic PEP 8 reformatting. This is the default.
  • Lines After Edit reformats individual logical lines (which may span multiple physical lines) after the caret leaves any edited line.
  • Whole Files Before Save reformats whole files when they are saved to disk. This option is recommended only for users with small files, since reformatting larger files may take substantial amounts of time. The process is aborted and the file is saved without reformatting for PEP 8 if the time required to reformat it exceeds the Reformatting Timeout preference described below.

PEP 8 Reformatting Options

Several options for PEP 8 formatting are provided in the Editor > PEP 8 preferences group:

  • Spaces Around = in Argument Lists overrides PEP 8 by inserting spaces around = in argument lists. This is disabled by default.
  • Enforce Line Length applies PEP 8 style line wrapping during reformatting, using the wrap column configured with the Editor > Line Wrapping > Reformatting Wrap Column preference. This is disabled by default.
  • Reindent All Lines in Files causes all lines to be reindented with 4-space indentation when PEP 8 reformatting an entire file. When this is disabled, reformatting may still alter indentation within logical lines of code. When reformatting selections, this preference is ignored and only indentation within logical lines may be changed. To convert indentation to other styles or sizes, use the Indentation Manager.
  • Reformatting Timeout specifies the number of seconds after which Wing aborts PEP 8 reformatting of an entire file. The default is 3 seconds, to prevent locking editors for long periods of time, and to prevent hanging up the save process when auto-formatting files during save has been enabled. Large files may take several minutes to reformat.

Using Other PEP 8 Reformatters

Wing uses autopep8 to implement PEP 8 reformatting. To use other PEP 8 reformatters like YAPF and Black, use the OS Commands tool to set up a command line that converts the file in place. The command line may contains %s for the current file name. After conversion on disk, Wing will automatically reload the file into the editor.


yapf -i %s

For Black:

black %s

OS Commands may be given a key binding, to make them easier to invoke for the current file. However, there is currently no way to use YAPF or Black with the automatic PEP 8 reformatting features described above.