Indent Guides, Policies, and Warnings

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In Wing Personal and Wing Pro, the editor can display light vertical lines that make indented code more readable. These are enabled with the Editor > Indentation > Show Indent Guides preference, or they can be added to individual files with Show Indent Guides under the Editor tab of File Properties.

Indent Policies

A preferred indentation style and enforcement policy can be specified with Preferred Indent Style and Indent Style Policy under the Options tab in Project Properties.

Indent Warnings

When a file is opened, Wing will indicate a potentially problematic mix of indentation styles found in the file, allowing you to attempt to repair the file. Files can be inspected more closely or repaired with Indentation in the Tools menu.

To turn off indentation warnings in Python files, use the Editor > Indentation > Show Python Indent Warning Dialog preference.

Wing also indicates suspiciously mismatched indentation in source code by underlining the indent area of the relevant lines in red or yellow. An error or warning message is displayed when the mouse is hovered over the marked area of code.