Auto-completion Icons

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The auto-completer contains two columns of icons that indicate the origin and type of the symbol.

Symbol Origin

keyword A Python keyword

builtins A Python builtin

snippet A snippet defined in the Snippets tool

argument An argument for the current function or method scope

runtime A symbol found by introspecting the live runtime state

Symbol Type

module A Python module

class A class

package A Python package

method A method

function A function

dict A dictionary

tuple A tuple

list A list

string A string

integer An integer

float A float

exception An exception

frame A Python stack frame

instance An object instance of some other type

Symbol Type Annotation

Symbol type icons may be annotated, as in the following examples:

inherited An upward pointing arrow indicates that the symbol was inherited from a superclass

imported A leftward pointing arrow indicates that the symbol was imported with from x import <symbol> style import statement