Viewing Data on the Editor

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Wing can show debug data values in tooltips over the editor in one of two ways.

Hovering Over the Editor

Hovering the mouse over a symbol in the editor will show a tooltip with its value, if one is available in the current stack frame. If a selection is made, hovering will show the value of the entire selection.

By default, Wing only shows values for selected symbols and not for all selected expressions. To show the value of any expression, set the Debugger > Hover Over Selection preference to All (Use with Caution!). As the name suggests, changing this preference can result in the unintended evaluation of expressions that change the debug program state or that invoke arbitrary functionality in the debug process.

Showing All Available Values

In Wing Pro, holding down Shift-Space will show the values of all visible symbols on the editor. The values are shown only once for each symbol, usually on the first occurrence of the symbol, and will be hidden as soon as the key binding is released.

For simple variable names (such as myvar), this will show the already-obtained value from locals and globals in the current stack frame. For dotted names (such as self.myvar), this will evaluate the value on demand, also in the current debug stack frame.

If Wing can't fit the value tips into the code, it will move them out of the way and point each to its value. Color coding is used to make it easier to distinguish nearby values.