Debugging Code Recursively

Code executed in the Debug Console is run without debug by default, and any exceptions are simply printed to the tool's console. Wing can also debug code recursively, so that any breakpoints or exceptions reached from the Debug Console are reported in the debugger. This is enabled by clicking on the bug icon in the upper right of the tool, or by using the Enable Debugging item in the Options menu.

Debugging code from the Debug Console works the same way as described in Debugging Code in the Python Shell.

To interact with recursively debugged code, while the Debug Console prompt is busy, you can add additional Debug Console instances to the user interface by right clicking on tool tabs. Or, turn on Enable Recursive Prompt in the Options menu so a new prompt is shown whenever the debugger is paused or at a breakpoint, even if the Debug Console's earlier prompt is still in the process of executing code.

As in the Python Shell, Stop Debugging and Start/Continue will return to the innermost prompt frame. Stop Debugging does this without debug but does not preemptively interrupt the current invocation. In cases where this is a problem, the debug process should be restarted instead.