Symbol Types

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The following types of items may be displayed in the Source Browser, each with its own icon:

browser-package Packages, which are directories that contain a file named See the Python documentation for additional information on packages.

browser-directory Directories that do not contain an file.

browser-python Modules defined by Python files.

browser-class Classes found anywhere in Python source

browser-method Methods defined within classes

browser-attribute Attributes defined in a class or instance

browser-function Functions defined at the top-level of a module or within another function or method

browser-variable Variables defined at the top-level of a module or within a function, class, or method

Symbols may be annotated to indicate their origin:

browser-imported Symbols that were imported from another module are annotated with a leftward pointing arrow.

browser-inherited Symbols inherited from a superclass are annotated with an upward pointing arrow.

The Source Browser does not include function or method arguments, but these may be displayed in the Source Assistant, along with other information for the currently selected item in the Source Browser.