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"I've been a user for 5 years now. Still use it every day. Still love it." -- Andy Theyers, Isotoma

Wing IDE offers many benefits to the Python programmer. By providing a familiar keyboard feel, Wing is also extremely easy to pick up and use, even for VI and Emacs users.

Editor Emulation
Screencast: Editor Emulation (0:21) Wing can emulate VI/Vim, Emacs, Visual Studio, OS X, and Brief key bindings. Because finger memory is so important, Wingware has invested considerable time and effort into making the editor emulations as complete as possible, and we remain responsive to user requests for missing bindings. Choice of editor emulation is made from the Keyboard Personality item in the Edit menu.
Customize Key Bindings
Screencast: Customize Key Bindings (1:06) Wing also supports users in defining custom key bindings for IDE commands, code snippets, perspectives, external commands in the OS Commands tool, and even for custom extension scripts written in Python. Key bindings can contain multiple parts in a sequence (for example, Ctrl-X Ctrl-R E), so that a greater number of more intuitive bindings can be defined for the IDE's functionality. The available command set is documented in detail in the users manual and key bindings may specify parameters to pass to commands that they invoke (for example, open_gui(filename="~/TODO.txt")).

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