Wing IDE Lite for Python

Brookline, MA -- February 5th, 2002

Archaeopteryx Software announced today plans to expand its Wing IDE product line through the addition of Wing IDE Lite, a scaled down version of Wing IDE for non-commercial users, such as hobbyists, students, and educators.

Wing IDE Lite is expected to be available for release before the end of February, and will offer many of the features of Wing IDE Standard to non-commercial users for a fraction of the cost of the full product.

"We're very pleased to offer Wing IDE Lite to non-commercial users of Python. We designed Wing IDE Lite to be suitable for small projects and priced it to be accessible to students and hobbyists," said Archaeopteryx Software's co-founder, John Ehresman.

Key features of Wing IDE Lite will include:

  • Graphical source debugger
  • Ability to debug remote processes, including web CGIs and Zope products
  • Support for debugging programs written with Tkinter, PyGtk, and wxPython
  • Powerful source code editor, including syntax highlighting, auto-completion, auto-indentation, indentation guides, source structure menu, optional emacs mode, multi-part key bindings, and keyboard/command macros.
  • Software project manager
  • Many customization options

The Wing IDE Lite product will omit the source browser, advanced debugger features, and some other features of Wing IDE Standard. Project size will be limited to 100 files and access to product source code will be omitted.

A single user license to Wing IDE Lite will sell for $35 US. CD media cost an additional $30. Each license includes free website and email support and upgrades through the 1.x version series. Volume discounts, and paid support are also available.

A free trial download, additional information, and online store are available at