Wing IDE Pro v. 4.1.14-1 Installers

Wing IDE Professional is the full-featured Python IDE for professional programmers. The OS X version requires an X11 Server.

Change Log

Change Log  4.1.14-1   


Wing IDE Pro / Windows  4.1.14-1   SHA1:0397740c6e49dcce9a7ac10163457526f4f82a22

Linux - Debian/Ubuntu Package

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:b6132ba6940224d38ab8a91ccfab4ccf0c4e9d94

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:6db667a23ae0e08ec5b719ba5ca090c1ddf151dc

Linux - RPM Package

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:3f9cd02221f4898363d64377a941642f991ff413

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:6cf79b7874bdfcdb977236fef65a6c86575e0123

Linux - Universal Tar Package

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:3e0f4365f8ceaa1322e7410d453b398cab1bb6f1

Wing IDE Pro / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:e0047961e74abd023d0282d8ac095859ed098c95

Zip Installer Archive

Wing IDE Pro / Windows  4.1.14-1   SHA1:a17908bf9d21a483c35b54b8ed17c243a8cea389

OS X - Disk Image

Wing IDE Pro / OS X 10.3+ (Intel) with X11 Server  4.1.14-1   SHA1:9d80b72063179fc20157087f22a7b9b9e7a8b52f


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