Wing IDE 101 v. 4.0.4-1 Patches

The easiest way to apply patches is with Check for Updates in Wing IDE's Help menu. To apply a patch manually, unpack it into the Installation Directory listed in Wing's About box. After restarting Wing, the About box will also show the installed patches by number.
Fix vi regression  4.0.4-1p2     Fix vi mode outdent to work properly

Fix base lookup  4.0.4-1p3     Fix exceptions seen when looking up base classes

Fix Copy Filenames in Edit Menu  4.0.4-1p5     Fixes command name for the Copy Filenames item in the Edit menu so that it is enabled correctly.

Fix input / raw_input when using win32 eols  4.0.4-1p7     Do not leave a character return in the returned string when using raw_input or input in a shell with win32 eols


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