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The easiest way to apply patches is with Check for Updates in Wing's Help menu. To apply a patch manually, unpack it into the Installation Directory listed in Wing's About box. After restarting Wing, the About box will also show the installed patches by number.

Fix PEP8 File Reformatting6.1.0-1p1  Work around a packaging problem that causes PEP8 file reformatting to fail.
More PEP8 Reformatting Fixes6.1.0-1p2  Fix PEP 8 whole file reformatting on Windows, avoid jumping to end of file when reformatting, avoid redundant reformatting during auto-save and from multiple editors, and dont auto-reformat non-Python files.
Fix PEP 8 File Conversion Failure6.1.0-1p3  Fix failure to convert whole files with PEP8 when conflicting PYTHON* environment variables are present.
Fix stopping on sys.exit()6.1.0-1p5  Dont stop on SystemExit and other exceptions in the Debugger | Exceptions | Never Report list when debugging with wingdbstub
Fix Python Path Expansion6.1.0-1p6  Fix separation of path fragments delimited by os.pathsep if entered as a single item in Python Path properties, for example through expansion of environment variables.
Fix Remote Agent Installation6.1.0-1p7  Fix failure to install the remote agent completely over some slower network connections. The remote agent should install correctly now for cases where manual installation was needed in the past.

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