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Wing's Subversion support requires the svn command line executable to be installed separately from Wing. Please see for information about Subversion. The svn executable may either be in your path or set it with the SVN executable preference in the Version Control / SVN preferences group.

The Subversion support works best if usernames and passwords are handled by another program such as ssh-agent, pageant, or another ssh agent. For details on this see Setting up SSH.

Using SSH is preferred because there is no safe way to interact with the svn executable to pass it a username and password. The --username and --password command line arguments can be used, but will expose the password to anyone on the system who can list process command lines. If there is no alternative, these can be specified in the Extra global arguments preference in the Version Control / SVN preferences group.

Subversion defines the following commands, in addition to those documented in Common Version Control Operations:


This operation will dispose of any local changes and revert the local files to match the current revision in the repository.


This is used to indicate that a conflict that arose during update has been resolved. Files that are in conflict cannot be checked in with commit until the resolved operation is completed.


This can be used to see the revision number and author for every line in a file.

Last Revision Diff

This shows the differences for the changes that were most recently checked in for a files.