Scripting and Extending Wing

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Wing Pro and Wing Personal provide an API that can be used to extend the IDE's functionality with scripts written in Python. Scripts add to the IDE's command set, which is accessible from menus, the toolbar, and key bindings.

Wing finds and loads scripts at startup, and reloads them when they are edited within Wing and saved to disk. The API allows scripts to access the editor, debugger, project manager, search tools, source code analysis engine, asynchronous task manager, and a range of other functionality. The scripting API also provides access to all of Wing's preferences and commands.

Simple scripts can be developed and debugged using error messages displayed in the Scripts channel of the Messages tool. It is also possible to configure a project that supports auto-completion and integrated documentation for the scripting API, and that allows debugging extension scripts within Wing.

More advanced scripting, including the ability to add new tools, is available as well.

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