Move Symbol

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The move symbol operation moves a variable, function, or class, and updates locations where it is used to reference the symbol at its new location. To start a move operation, click on the symbol to be moved and then select Move Symbol from the Refactor menu or from the Refactor sub-menu of the editor context menu (right-click). Wing will search for all of the locations where the symbol is used and list them in the Refactoring tool. To complete the operation, enter the destination filename and / or scope name and press the Move and Update Checked button.

Note that each found match for the symbol is displayed with a check box that can be deselected to omit that match from the rename operation. Please refer to Find Points of Use for more information on how Wing finds symbols for refactoring operations.

After it completes, the rename operation can be undone with the Revert button in the Refactoring tool.