Tutorial: Getting Started

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In addition to installing Wing IDE, you also need to take the following steps before starting the tutorial:

(1) Install Python

To get Python, download it now from python.org. This tutorial will work with Python version 2.5 or later.

If the above links don't work or bring up the wrong browser, you may need to define the BROWSER environment variable to the name of the browser executable you wish to use and restart Wing IDE.

On Linux/Unix, you can also add a browser command line to your URL Display Commands preference. This is recommended only if your preferred browser doesn't work when specified with the BROWSER environment variable. Setting BROWSER will generally do a better job reusing browser instances and creating and raising browser windows as needed.

(2) Copy the Tutorial Directory

Next, copy the entire tutorial directory out of your Wing IDE installation to a location where you will have write access to the files in it. On OS X, the Wing IDE installation and the tutorial directory are inside the .app bundle, which is listed as Install Directory in Wing's About box.

Please note that if you view this tutorial from Wing IDE's Help menu, you will be provided with a link that copies the tutorial for you, and will find many other links into IDE functionality that are not seen when viewing this tutorial with a web browser.

We welcome feedback and bug reports, both of which can be submitted directly from Wing IDE using the Submit Feedback and Submit Bug Report items in the Help menu, or by emailing us at support at wingware.com.

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