Tutorial: Other Debugger Features

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Before moving on to the rest of the IDE's features, here are a few details worth knowing about the debugger:

Watch Tool

The Watch tool lets you watch variables over time by symbolic name or object reference, by right-clicking on them in the Stack Data or Watch tools. You can also watch expressions typed into the Watch tool.


Modules Data View

By default, Wing filters out modules and some other data types from the values shown in the Stack Data tool. In some cases, it is useful to view values stored in modules. This can be done with the Modules tool, which is simply a list of all modules found in sys.modules:


Breakpoint Manager

The Breakpoints tool accessed from the Tools menu shows a list of all defined breakpoints and allows enabling/disabling, editing the breakpoint conditional, setting an ignore count, and inspecting the number of times a breakpoint has been reached during the life of a debug process.