Tutorial: Debug Process Exception Reporting

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Wing's debugger reports any exceptions that would be printed when running the code outside of the debugger.

Try this out by continuing execution of the debug process with the Debug toolbar item or Start / Continue item in the Debug menu.

Wing will stop on an incorrect line of code in PrintAsHTML and will report the error in the Exceptions tool:


Notice that this tool highlights the current stack frame and that you can click on frames to navigate the exception backtrace. Whenever you are stopped on an exception, the Debugger Status indicator in the lower left of Wing's main window turns red.

Advanced Options

Wing Pro and Wing Personal's debugger provides several exception handling modes, which differ in how they determine which exceptions should be reported. It is also possible to add specific exception types to always report or never report. This is described in more detail in Managing Exceptions. Most users will not need to alter these options, but being aware of them is useful.