Debug Process I/O

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While running under the Wing debugger, any output from print or any writes to stdout or stderr will be seen in the Debug I/O tool. This is also where you enter keyboard input, if your debug program requests any with input() or raw_input() or by reading from stdin.

The code that services debug process I/O does two things: (1) any waits on sys.stdin are multiplexed with servicing of the debug network socket, so that the debug process remains responsive to Wing while waiting for keyboard input, and (2) in some cases, I/O is redirected to another window.

For a debug process launched from within Wing, keyboard I/O always occurs either in the Debug I/O tool or in a new external console that is created before the debug process is started. This can be controlled as described in External I/O Consoles. Using an external console is recommended when printing very large amounts of output from a debug process.

Debug processes launched outside of Wing, using wingdbstub, always do their keyboard I/O through the environment from which they were launched (whether that's a console window, web server, or any other I/O environment).

When commands are typed in the Debug Probe in Wing Pro, I/O is redirected temporarily to the Debug Probe only during the time that the command is being processed.

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