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Source Code Browser

The Source Browser in Wing IDE Professional and Wing IDE Personal acts as an index to your source code, supporting inspection of collections of Python code from either a module-oriented or class-oriented viewpoint.

Background Source Analysis

Wing IDE's source code analyzer will run in the background from the time that you open a project until all files have been analyzed. You may notice this overhead immediately after opening your project, depending on the size of your source base. Until analysis is complete, the class-oriented view within the browser window will only include those classes that have been analyzed. This list is updated as more code is analyzed.

Section Contents

8.0. Display Choices
   8.0.0. Browse Project Modules
   8.0.1. Browsing Project Classes
   8.0.2. Viewing Current Module
8.1. Display Filters
   8.1.0. Filtering Scope and Source
   8.1.1. Filtering Construct Type
8.2. Sorting the Browser Display
8.3. Navigating the Views
8.4. Browser Keyboard Navigation

Source Code Browser