Wing IDE 5.0 rc2


The second release candidate of Wing IDE 5.0 is now available for all product levels (Wing IDE Pro, Wing IDE Personal, and Wing IDE 101).

What's New in Wing IDE 5

The feature highlights of Wing IDE Pro version 5 are:

  • Wing Runs Native on OS X and looks and runs better on Windows and Linux too.
  • A Redesigned UI that fixes many quirks in Wing 4. Editors and tools can be dragged and dropped to other splits, to a new split, or to new windows. The toolbar and context menus in the editor and Project tool are now configurable. Preferences and some menus have been reorganized for clarity.
  • New Editor Split Mode supports opening different sets of files in each editor split. This mode is disabled by default but can be enabled by unchecking Show All Files in All Splits in the options drop down in the top right of the editor.
  • Sharable Color Palettes can be made for the GUI as a whole and for syntax highlighting individual file types. This is documented in the Customization chapter of the manual.
  • Auto-Editing is enabled by default, except for a few operations that may be confusing to new users. Be sure to try also auto-entering spaces, PEP8 spacing, and block management with repeated presses of the colon key. These can be configured from the Edit > Keyboard Personality menu.
  • Python Turbo Auto-Completion enables super-fast typing by turning any non-symbol key into a completion key whenever the selected completion is likely to be valid. This feature can be enabled with the Editor > Auto-completion > Python Turbo Mode preference and is documented in Editor > Auto-completion in the manual.
  • Named File Sets can be created and visited from the File menu, the Open Files tool, or used for searching in Search in Files.
  • Sharable Launch Configurations defined in the Project menu provide more flexible management of the environment used for sub-processes when debugging, unit testing, or in the OS Commands tool.
  • Named Entry Points can be defined in the Debug menu to more easily debug or execute the same code with different arguments or environment.
  • Unit Test Environment can now be configured independently from debug environment in the Testing tab of Project Properties and File Properties.
  • Locking Editor Splits by clicking on the stick pin icon in top right of the editor will dedicate the split to a particular file, so it is not reused for other files. A second click changes the editor to non-sticky (auto-closing) mode, and a third click returns it back to sticky mode.
  • Startup Preferences Dialog is shown for new installations where no Wing 4.x preferences are converted, making it easier for new users to configure keyboard personality and auto-editing. commonly altered preferences.
  • Expanded and Rewritten Tutorial covers more of the IDE's feature set.
  • Support for Python 3.4 has been added, along with other minor features like improved printing, asynchronous I/O in the Python Shell and Debug Probe, Open in Explorer/Finderin the Project context menu, and improved Diff/Merge tool.

Not all of these features are available in Wing IDE Personal and Wing IDE 101.


For more information on Wing IDE 5's features, please refer to the integrated documentation in the Help menu. Note that the documentation hosted on our website is for the latest stable release and not for this release candidate.

Reporting Bugs

To report bugs, please submit a bug report from the Help menu in Wing IDE, or email us at support at wingware dot com

Compatibility Notes

  • Wing 5 installs side by side with Wing 4, so there is no need to remove the stable version of Wing in order to try the release candidate.
  • Wing 5 will read and convert Wing 4 preferences, settings, and projects. Projects should be saved to a new name for use with Wing 5 since they cannot be read by Wing 4
  • Auto-editing is on by default except for auto-entering spaces and block management with repeated presses of the colon key
  • Preferences and some menus have been reorganized
  • File Sets from Wing IDE 4 are now called File Filters. File Sets in Wing 5 are a new feature for creating named sets of files.
  • File Properties have changed to make use of Launch Configurations
  • OS Commands has been redesigned to use Launch Configurations and Named Entry Points
  • The Python Shell starts with current directory set according to the project or main debug file configuration
  • A few key bindings have changed
  • Accelerators may have changed from Wing 4 and are no longer available on OS X because Qt follows Mac user interface guidelines
  • More project data is stored in the shared branch of two-file projects (Python Path, OS Commands)
  • Support for Python <= 2.2 has been dropped on Windows and support for Python <= 2.6 has been dropped on OS X
  • New projects created with Wing Pro are always Shared (Two File) projects
  • For other compatibility details, see the Changes sections of the CHANGELOG.txt file in the release.


After downloading Wing Pro 5.0.0-rc2, Wing Personal 5.0.0-rc2, or Wing 101 5.0.0-rc2, just install and run Wing IDE as with previous versions.


To upgrade, visit the upgrades page and enter your license number.

Wing IDE 5.0 rc2