[wingide-users] Can't debug django anymore

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Sun Feb 25 21:56:29 EST 2018

Mark Jones via wingide-users wrote:
> This was working, something got messed up in the .wpu file so I had to 
> remove it, now I can no longer debug my django project

The .wpu file contains some of the project's settings so you can't just 
remove it and expect it to still work...  You'll need to restore the 
missing Project Properties, some of which are in the .wpu by default 
because they can vary by machine/user and thus usually can't go into the 
.wpr.  That includes Python Executable, Python Path, and Environment

There are some details on what properties go into the .wpr by default 
and how to change that in https://wingware.com/doc/proj/project-types


Stephan Deibel
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