[wingide-users] testing tab and drilling to exceptions

Andy Altepeter andyaltepeter at invenshure.com
Tue Dec 15 09:23:55 EST 2015


I use the testing tab extensively, with nose class-based test cases.  The
testing tab shows, in tree format, the testing files, classes within each
file, and test methods in each class.  After running tests, the failed
tests are marked with a red 'x' icon.  The typical failure mode occurs when
assertion methods in the test case have failed. Expanding the test shows
'Exception: AssertionError: ...'

I would like to quickly drill to the line in the test that failed.  This
isn't possible since clicking the test case name displays the first line of
the test in an editor, and clicking the 'Exception' line jumps to the line
in the python unittest stdlib that actually raised the exception.  I have
to drill into the stacktrace, go to the bottom of the traceback and search
backwards to find my test file -- the first instance of it is typically the
line I want.

I haven't found it at all useful to drill into the assertX methods in the
unittest stdlib.  Could the behaviour of the test tab instead link to the
line in my test that failed?


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