[wingide-users] Wing Pytest Invalid Argument Error?

Karl Chester karl_chester at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 25 13:46:43 EDT 2015

I added the <company> portion due to my interest in hiding the company name I work for.Pytest version is 2.6.1

Here is the output from pip freeze


Karl Chester Jr

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> Subject: Re: [wingide-users] Wing Pytest Invalid Argument Error?
> Karl Chester via wingide-users wrote:
> > Trying to run a py.test unit test, and now getting an argument error.
> > I was running tests fine early last week, and now I am seeing this 
> > strange argument error. I think it could be environment related, but 
> > I'm not sure what to change. Hopefully I am including enough 
> > information in this post, but please ask if I am not.
> >
> > 1. I have setup a project in Wing and used files that I checked out 
> > from my companies git repository.
> > 2. I setup the default testing framework in the project properties to 
> > pytest.
> > 3. I open the file I want to run test in, in Wing, and then I select 
> > 'add current file' from the testing menu option at the top of wing.
> > 4. In the testing tab of the debug area at the bottom of wing IDE, I 
> > right mouse click on the newly added filename and choose 'debug test' 
> > from the popup menu.
> > 5. I now get a pytest assertion error in main.py.
> What version of pytest is this?  It seems to be having problems parsing 
> the command line args we set up in the 3rd stack frame (in 
> RunInSingleDir), although the mis-spelled "<compnay>" in the invalid arg 
> it's complaining about may be a clue as well.
> -- 
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