[wingide-users] Incorrect stack data when working with tkinter?

Emma Willemsma emma.willemsma at morgansolar.com
Wed Aug 19 17:21:42 EDT 2015

I am working with Tkinter in Wing Pro 5.1.3. When I look at the stack data
I am seeing attributes for my widgets that aren't actual object attributes.
For example, if I create a ttk.Checkbutton, the stack shows an attribute
called text. But, if I actually try to access this attribute (i.e.
checkbutton.text) I get an attribute error, as shown in the screen cap.

[image: screencap.png]

I know that checkbuttons have a configuration option called text, which can
be accessed through cget() (i.e. checkbutton.cget("text") returns "Test
Check Button"). It seems that these tk widget "attributes" are being
exposed in the stack data as though they are python object attributes. Is
this by design? How can I differentiate between python object attributes
and these tk widget attributes?

Please see also my stackoverflow question:

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